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Bistro Ruben (Formerly Ulvöbyn Café & Bistro) is located in the middle of the harbor street on the island of Ulvön in the outer archipelago of the High Coast. Here, over the years, we have created an oasis where we work with quality in a personal and relaxed atmosphere.

During the day, everything from snacks to a lighter lunch is served. In the evening, we transform into a cozy and personal à la carte bistro.

We are open from mid-June to mid-August.

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Ulvöhamngata 140 
893 99 Ulvöhamn


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Our history


First summer job

In 1995 at the age of 14 I got my first summer job. The place was Café Måsen on the island of Ulvön. The owners Ola and Birgitta started the café in 1963 and created a place loved by many with home-baked and personal atmosphere. Here I learned everything from what good service is to listening to the coffee.


The start – Café Måsen

In 1997, my father Ruben bought the café and together we continued to run it in the spirit of Ola and Birgitta. Slowly but surely we expanded the business and my interest in baking, food and drink could start to flourish, but most of the time we sat in the sun and philosophized. The years go by and Café Måsen develops and becomes a popular oasis on Ulvön. The property with all its history and memories is showing signs that it is time to let go. This leads to the Ulvöbyn project, which begins in May 2009.


New houses – Ulvöbyn Café & Bistro

Café Måsen is being demolished and new buildings adapted to and to its surroundings are now being built. Ulvöbyn consists of three houses, all with different themes. The dining room, the library and Ruben's room. together with our garden and wine house, they now form Ulvöbyn – Café & Bistro.


Father Ruben dies – Bistro Ruben is born

As a tribute to my father who guided me through life and always encouraged me to dare to invest in my dreams and Ulvön, I chose to change the name to Bistro Ruben. 


Linn Madsen, owner

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