Jobba hos oss i sommar! — Vi söker kockar, serveringspersonal & diskare.

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The restaurant in the middle of Ulvöhamn

In the middle of the picturesque harbor street in the heart of Ulvön in the outer archipelago of the High Coast, you will find our restaurant with a flourishing garden.

With us, you can enjoy a lighter lunch with a good drink during the day. In the evening, we transform into a cozy and personal à la carte bistro.

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Nu är det dags att söka jobb för sommaren 2024.

Vi söker kockar, serveringspersonal & diskare.

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We are celebrating 10 years 

This year marks 10 years since the new houses were completed and we opened Ulvöbyn Café & Bistro. It has been a journey of hard work and much joy. We look forward to meeting you this summer and celebrating.

... and changes its name to Bistro Ruben

During our journey, we have developed more into a restaurant than a cafe.When Papa Ruben passed away last autumn, the name change became obvious – we will be called Bistro Ruben. Because it was he who laid the first stone for what we have created here. 

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Room by room

Our restaurant consists of several rooms in the form of buildings where each room has its own atmosphere. Everyone gets their own favorite. In fine weather, we open doors and gates between the rooms.


The dining room

Our largest room with room for approx. 20 people. Like a homely bistro simply.  


The library

Many people's favorite room, a snug little oasis, like a padded inner pocket. The perfect place for relaxation.

Middag i rummet

Rubens room

A room in Ruben's honour, a room with colour, joy and fine things.


the wine hut

Small and a bit cramped but it's very cosy to sit in this little cabin by the local street.

Middagssällskap i trädgården

The garden

With the scent of summer flowers and sea, you can relax here until the sun sets over Lotsberget. 

I juli


Don't miss our intimate wine tastings in the library. Each test takes 8 people. (This event is in swedish)

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Food & beverage

Bistro Ruben is a small place but with a large selection of food and drinks. We like simple, well-prepared and rustic food, preferably with a little twist every now and then. 

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