Here you will find high-resolution press photos of Bistro Ruben on Ulvön in Höga Kusten. The images may be used freely in connection with writing about Bistro Ruben. Always name the photographer. If you want to use images in other contexts, contact us for pricing.

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Press pictures – Bistro Ruben

View of Ulvöhamnngata and Bistro Ruben


Dinner in "Rubens room"

Part of the garden

Musicquiz in the garden

"The Library"

Guests in the garden

”Rubens room”

Lunch – Reuben sandwich 

Dinner in the evening sun

Starter – Carpaccio

Dinner party in "Ruben's room"

"The Dining Room"

Garden gig with Strandels

"The wine hut"

The garden and entrance to the restaurant

Starter – Beetroot tartar with horseradish cream

Wine tasting

Environmental pictures from Ulvön

View over Ulvöhamn from Lotsberget

View of the High Coast from Ulvön.

100 year valborg celebration at Ulvön.

Interior from Ulvö old chapel.

A foggy Ulvöhamn.

The cottages in Sandviken.

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